A once-in- a-lifetime chance

“We know not the number of times we will meet again those with whom we make acquaintance. Treasure every such encounter”.
These are the words of the famed “Sen no Rikyu”,master of the Japanese “ Way of Tea”.
We endeavor to do that for our customers.
Our motto is “Only the healthiest cuisine for all to appreciate”.
We sincerely hope you enjoy our original cuisine,a fusion of Japanese and French styles,prepared by our very experienced chef.
Please enjoy dishes prepared with many Hokkaido-grown products,giving a delightful rendition of French cuisine.
Chef Matsunaga’s special cuisine will surely satisfy you. We hope it intrigues and delights you as well!
Welcome to the world of L’Oiseau.

One Time, One Meeting

 「人と出会った時、その出会いは一生でたった一度きりになるかもしれない。だから、その機会を大事にしましょう。」という、茶人 千利休の教えを、私共は全てのお客様に心がけております。
 北海道の豊かな自然がもたらす素材も多く取り入れ、今までのフランス料理の概念とは一味違う、Chef Matsunagaの驚きの一皿を味わって頂ければ幸いです。